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Archibald and similar developments in surrounding suburbs

Development overview

Construction Commenced
Project type


Development details

90 x studio, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments (7, 439 sq m)
3 retail tenancies (375 sq m)
Living area
Dining area
Communal open space
Plant service room (531.2 sq m)
Hallway / lobby (552.5 sq m)
Garbage rooms
Podium area
Gas meter room
Fire control room
Communal landscaped garden
Utility rooms
Sprinkler valve room
Fire hydrant pump room
Substation room
Lift lobby
4 level basement
88 car parking spaces
Bicycle parking spaces
Motorcycle parking spaces
Loading dock areas
Access driveway
Demolish existing 5 x 2 storey terrace buildings
Demolish existing 1 x 3 storey building

Lower ground level

1 retail tenancy (80.77 sq m)
2 loading bay

Ground level

2 retail tenancies (280 sq m)
Residential lobby

Plant rooms

Level 1

5 x 1 bedroom apartments
1 x 2 bedroom apartment

1 x studio apartment

Levels 2-4

15 x 2 bedroom apartments
9 x 2 bedroom apartments

Level 5

5 x 1 bedroom apartments
3 x 2 bedroom apartments

Level 6

3 x 2 bedroom apartments
1 x 1 bedroom apartment

Open communal area

Levels 7-11

20 x 2 bedroom apartments
5 x 1 bedroom apartments

Levels 12-16

15 x 2 bedroom apartments
5 x 3 bedroom apartments

Level 17

2 x 3 bedroom apartments


Basement 1 - 22 car parking spaces
Basement 2 - 23 car parking spaces
Basement 3 - 22 car parking spaces
Basement 4 - 21 car parking spaces

Building elements include:

Structural steel
Telephone & electrical cabling
Glazing with vertical fins
Metal screen
Ceramic cladding
Metal balustrade
Air conditioning
Aluminium fascia
Aluminium balustrade post
Privacy screen
Off white vitrified cladding
Fritted glass
Charcoal framed window
Mechanical louvre
Hydrant booster
Roller shutter door
Glass door
Insulated glazing
Semi frameless glass
Aluminium framed windows & doors
Central hot water system
Piping insulation
CCTV cameras
Fire exit door
Swipe card system
Bicycle rack
Fire sprinkler system
Smoke seal
Hydrant booster
Sprinkler valve
Fire & smoke control systems
Smoke exhaust system
Fire water storage tank
Fire extinguisher
Water meter
Gas meter
Sliding door
Sliding window

NB: Project website: NB: Owners: Denscen Pty Ltd, Gelber Properties Pty Ltd, Honeykent Pty Ltdd, Ms. S Nilasari & P A V Investments Pty Ltd (contact details not disclosed)

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