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Pagewood Green Part I

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Pagewood Green Part I and similar developments in surrounding suburbs

Development overview

Construction Commenced
Project type


Floor count


Building type


Development size

1745 residences

Development details

1,745 apartments
Shopping facilities (up to 5,000 sq m)
2 childcare centres
Restaurants / cafe
Medical facilities
Public accessible open space (13,000 sq m)
Central park (8,000 sq m)
Civic square (1,000 sq m)
Subdivision into 8 urban blocks
New internal roads
Roads & access ways
Concrete hardstand areas
Lawns & garden areas
Car parking (3,600 spaces)

2 golf courses

Stage 1 - Urban Block 5W (UB5W) : Allium Apartments - (Construction commenced) (DA-16/18)

487 apartments
2 x 20 storey apartment buildings
2 x 16 storey apartment buildings
246 x 2 bedroom apartments
153 x 3 bedroom apartments
88 x 1 bedroom apartments
Childcare centre (91 place)
Communal open space
Private open spaces
Plant equipment storage
Storage spaces
Recreational facilities
845 car parking spaces

Stage 2 - Urban Block 5E (UB5E): Dahlia Apartments - (Construction commenced) (DA-16/143)

202 apartments
2 x 6 storey apartment building
1 x 8 storey apartment building
1 x 16 storey apartment building
Podium (1,796.8 sq m)
42 x 1 bedroom apartments
95 x 2 bedroom apartments
65 x 3 bedroom apartments
Swimming pool
Living area
Dining area
Laundry area
1 level basement car parking area
3 above ground basement car parking area
340 car parking spaces
Landscaping works
Associated works & services

Stage 3 - Urban Block 4 (UB4): Viola Apartments - (Construction commenced) (DA-17/1022)

167 apartments
Ground floor childcare centre (31 place)
2 x part 6 & 8 storey buildings
Outdoor play area (635 sq m)
Waste rooms
Plant & services area
Storage areas
Roof terrace
319 basement car parking spaces
46 bicycle parking spaces
Communal open space
Hard & soft landscaping

Stage 4 - Urban Block 3 (UB3) - (Construction commenced) (DA 10.2017.1224.1)

356 x 16 storey apartment buildings
225 x 2 bedroom apartments
78 x 3 bedroom apartments
53 x 1 bedroom apartments
6 building apartment
4 & 5 storey podium base
Swimming pool
586 basement car parking spaces over 3 basements
Loading bay
Bicycle spaces
Communal open space
Hard & soft landscaping
Associated works & services

Stage 5 - Urban Block 5C (UB5C) - Orchid Apartments: (Construction commenced) (DA 10.2018.1003.1)

515 x 13 to 21 storey apartments
Relocation of Civic Retail Square (1,000 sq m)
Ground floor retail tenancies fronting Civic Ave (up to 5,000 sq m)
5 storey podium base
Recreational facilities
692 car parking spaces
Loading bay
Car wash bay
Bicycle spaces
Communal open space
Hard & soft landscaping
Associated site preparation works & services

Communal Open Spaces (Construction commenced):Central Park (8,000 sq m)

Basketball court
Barbecue area
Outdoor cinema

Civic Plaza (1,000 sq m)

Alfresco dining
Shaded seating area
Public art space

Linear Park:

Social space

Building elements include:

Concrete slab
Structural steel
Metal sheet roofing
Roof plumbing
Telecommunications & electrical cabling
Air conditioning
Ventilation & insulation
Aluminium balustrades
Clear glass balustrades
Metal wall cladding
Aluminium framed windows & doors
Ceramic floor tiles
Lifts & stairwells
Masonry blocks
Timber flooring
Joinery & fixtures
Smoke alarms & safety equipment
Plumbing & drainage

Early works (Project abandoned) (DA 10.2018.1159.1)

Water supply infrastructure


Project website: Associated Project: Refer Project ID - 7334016 - British American Tobacco Factory (construction commenced)Refer Project ID - 150092017 - Pagewood Green Part IINB: UB1 & UB2 will now be part of Pagewood Green Part II

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