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Renovare Yeronga

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Renovare Yeronga and similar developments in surrounding suburbs

Development overview

Development Approval

Yeronga, 4104

Project type


Floor count


Building type


Development size

175 residences

Development details

175 units
6 buildings
63 x 2 bedroom units
53 x 3 bedroom units
51 x 1 bedroom units
8 x 4 bedroom units
Sales / site office & community hall
Communal open space
Basement level car parking
313 car parking spaces
Associated civil works

STAGE 1 - Respiro (construction commenced)

Building 1 (1,926 sq m)
2 storeys
30 x units
Communal open space (998 sq m)
Site / sales office (400 sq m - to be converted to community hall - Stage 4)
Basement level car park

STAGE 2 - Arboreti (construction commenced)

Building 5 (2,871 sq m)
4 storey
44 x units
Community open space (523 sq m)

Basement level car park

STAGE 2A (construction commenced)

Central communal open space
Recreational facilities

STAGE 3 - Viridi

Building 4 (3,160 sq m)
4 storey
40 x units
Communal open space (1381 sq m)

Basement level car park

STAGE 4 - Florens

Building 3 (2,292 sq m)
3 storey
29 x units
Communal open space (764 sq m)
Conversion of sale / site office to community hall
Basement level car park

STAGE 5 - Venusto

Building 2 (4,607 sq m)
4 storey
40 x units
Communal open space (1601 sq m)

Basement level car park

Building elements include:

Ceramic floor tiles
Low VOC paint
Smoke alarms / fire detection system
Kitchen fittings & fixtures
Bathroom fittings & fixtures
Stone benchtops
Matrix wall cladding
Timber look linear cladding
Metal wall cladding
Timber plywood expressed soffits
Semi frameless glass balustrade
Stone feature walls
Powder coated framed pattern screens
Powder coated aluminium window frames
Sliding glass windows
Electrical cabling & wiring
Telephone & internet connections
External lighting
Retaining walls
Garden beds & edging
turf & greenery
Reinforced concrete foundations


Note: Staging has been changed. Community Hall is now part of Stage 4.NB: Project scope change, 192 decreased to 175 units & order of construction for remaining stages reversed.
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