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Balwyn Park

Development location

7 Cherry Road, Balwyn, Victoria 3103

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Project marketer
Marshall White Projects
Victoria / Balwyn

Buy 1 of only 11 custom-designed residences with interiors by Mim Design and gardens by Paul Bangay

On arrival, residents are greeted with the utmost sophistication at Balwyn Park. 

Luxurious, reflective surfaces at the private entrance serve as blissful reminders of what lies within the home, paired with stylishly appointed front doors. Whilst establishing a hotel-esque atmosphere, the lobby area encourages a communal spirit among residents, adding to Balwyn Park’s already inviting feel.

While soaring expanses of glass invite the external beauty within the interior — framing the almost painting-like backdrop of the landscape like canvases on the walls – etchings of metallic and matte-black delineate spaces in a geometric, modern way. This internal linearity is accentuated by architectural features that draw on deco-inspiration. 

The play of bold vertical lines against gentle curves imbues these homes with a true sensation of craftsmanship. Similar contemplation has been made with generous storage opportunities and the intuitive flow of the space. Cognisant of how modern lives unfold within these spaces and the simple joy that comes from having everything at hand when preparing a meal,  the consideration of such things as oven location and pantry allocation, will mean mealtimes are always met with anticipation. 

Designed to celebrate both the larger and the smaller moments of beauty and effortlessness a home should bring, much of Balwyn Park’s immediate sense of allure is owed to the timeless and universally elegant suite of materials used throughout. 

Softly muted tones are enriched by their luxurious tactility; every element within these homes has been meticulously selected to impart a feeling of sensory delight. Spacious, light-filled and brimming with beautifully crafted elements, the bathrooms are so much more than their mere function. 

Enjoying the same suite of textural and tonal beauty that distinguishes the rest of the home, the feeling of luxe is owed to deep tubs, generous storage and bench area, and the layers of elegant materials forming the foundations of the space. 

Move in end of 2020.

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