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Grace Glen Iris

Development location

1555 - 1559 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, Victoria 3146

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Project marketer
Marshall White Projects

Luxury living. You can call it home.

Contemporary sophistication. Timeless design. Luxury living. You can call it home.

Grace synthesises the best qualities of contemporary architecture with a respect for the grand buildings lining the boulevards of Toorak, Malvern and Glen Iris. The design draws upon this rich heritage of elegant proportions, clean lines and robust materials; ensuring an aesthetic that is timeless and enduring.

The external facade materials have been specifically selected to enhance this refined aesthetic and to stand the test of time a rendered finish to the lower levels anchors the building, while a high quality metal finish to the upper floors introduces a lustre and lightness to crown the building.

Modern material technology enables the use of large expanses of glass without compromising thermal performance; this ensures that interior spaces are flooded with natural light.

Surpassing the practical. Grace’s magic is woven into the very fabric of each home; in those finer details that are discovered piece by piece, day by day, through the act of living. This restrained approach to luxury is no more so apparent than in the kitchen, where quality emanates from every niche — from the wide, inviting bench tops right down to the refined timber joinery.

Indulge yourself in a luxurious selection of spacious, beautifully designed and exquisitely appointed apartments at the centre of the worlds most liveable city.

Residents living in Grace’s apartments benefit from spacious, shaded balconies that are specifically designed to be enjoyed year round. Dining is better when it’s done under a canopy of stars, and these spaces are expressive of a philosophy that says seasons shouldn’t hinder the pleasure of indulging outdoors.

Here, spacious apartments leave room for a clean headspace and a mind free to wander. Here can be found everything you need, leaving you free to stay in your sanctuary. After all, there’s nothing wrong with staying at home.

1 bedrooms, balcony or garden, parking and storage cage from $450,000.

2 bedrooms, balcony or garden, parking and storage cage from $515,000.

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, balcony or garden, 2 car spaces and storage cage from $725,000.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, balcony or garden, 2 car spaces and storage cage from $800,000.

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