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Homes that react to your lifestyle and encourage healthier habits - the rising potential of Smart Homes.

Lifestyle 2 months ago Read time: 3 minutes

Home Automation may sound like something of the future or even science-fiction to some extent but not only is the technology completely accessible, once installed you will surely find yourself asking how your home went without it. 

Firstly, what is Home Automation? Home Automation - also referred to as Smart Homes or Smart Home Technology - is the integration of smart technologies into your home. These can include appliances, lights, air conditioners or heaters, TVs or security systems that are both connected to your home and your internet connection. This allows you to monitor and control each feature through an app on a compatible device. 

For instance, those with a Smart Home can automatically turn on their air conditioning before arriving back home on a hot summer day - ensuring you and your family return to a nice, cool apartment. Similarly, you can easily take control of the kids’ screen times by setting the TV to a timer - ensuring they are in bed at the right time. The devices can also be voice activated, allowing users more ease of use. In addition to the comfort and convenience factors, Smart Homes can also be set to lower energy consumption - reducing bills and enabling a low-effort sustainable lifestyle. 

While the capabilities may seem technical, many of these features are available through aftermarket products like Google Home, Alexa and Harmony. If that seems too fiddly, you will be glad to know more and more developments are being designed with built-in Home Automation. 

The developers at Kira Lane Cove offer home automation on all Kira properties. Thanks to Hyecorp’s Live Your Way service, purchasers are invited to customise their apartment from the outset. Here, you are invited to collaborate with a dedicated Interior Designer to tailor not only the fittings but also the Smart Home technologies that will best enhance your lifestyle. 

Developer, Thirdi Group is also experienced in integrating home automation into their properties. The Torrens-Tilted townhouses - including The Gentry, Alexandria - are equipped with Environexus home automation ecosystem, in conjunction with Google Home and Tesla Powerwalls. These homes allow you to control everything from energy consumption and lighting, to air conditioning and security at the touch of your smartphone or the iPad you will receive with your new home. 

Luke Berry, Director of Sales and Marketing at Thirdi Group explains what living in a Smart Home can be like; “imagine this. You drive up your street and your home recognises your car is arriving, so it automatically opens the garage door, turns the light on and send your private lift to meet you. You plug your car into the wall to recharge for tomorrow - all using ‘off-peak’ power that your Tesla Powerwall has already secured while you were sleeping.”

Luke explains other scenarios, “the home automation system has researched the day’s weather - a hot 36° - so earlier in the day, it arranged for your blinds to be lowered and scheduled the aircon to turn on at 1pm. By the time you walk through the door, your home is a comfortable 21°.”

The sheer potential of a Smart Home is extraordinary; your home can be designed to suit your lifestyle or encourage healthier habits at the touch of a button. With more and more developers integrating Smart Technologies into their developments, purchasers can reap the benefits with minimal effort. 

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