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Our 6 favourite indoor trees to green-up your home

Lifestyle 25 June 2019 Read time: 3 minutes

Indoor trees not only look great, but they also have health and wellbeing benefits such as enhancing the air quality in your home so you can breathe easier. Here are some of our favourite indoor trees and how to take care of them.


Fiddle Leaf Fig 

This beautiful tree has become hugely popular in the interior design world in recent years, thanks to its vibrant green leaves. It requires a premium potting mix when planted indoors, to give it a little extra boost. Make sure you allow the soil to dry out completely between each watering to avoid root rot, as this plant is highly tolerant of drought and dry conditions — overwatering is the most common problem with a fiddle leaf fig.

Dwarf Umbrella

A small multi-stemmed shrub with glossy foliage, the Dwarf Umbrella tree is a low-maintenance indoor house plant which requires only a few minutes of your attention each week. Place it in a position in your home which gets a lot of natural light but shielded from direct sunlight. You’ll know the plant isn’t getting enough light when the leaves turn yellow and drop. Water when the soil appears dried out.


Rubber Plant

This plant has shiny, waxy leaves (which is in part how it got its name) and is super easy to care for. Merely place in a shaded spot in your home and water whenever the soil looks like it’s beginning to dry out. The Rubber plant is a great addition to any lounge room or kitchen (or any living space which sees a lot of foot traffic), as it purifies the air of toxins like formaldehyde.


Sabre Tooth Fig

Cousin to the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, this long-leafed beauty has been making a come-back. You only need to water it when the soil is dry to the touch. When the time comes, water it by sitting it under a shower or place it in a bath and water well, allowing the excess water to drain away. Afterwards, don’t worry about putting the pot on a saucer or plate as the roots hate being wet. Place it in a sunny and light position, avoiding dark corners.

Image source: Homes to Love


Bird of Paradise

This tropical indoor plant is hugely popular thanks to its beautiful orange flowers. It’s native to South Africa and as a result, it’s hugely weather resistant and can bounce back from neglected care easily. The only thing you need to do is make sure you place it in an area of your home which receives a lot of light. Water as often or as little as you like, as long as the pot allows the soil to drain well, these plants don’t mind.


Japanese Maple

The perfect calming addition to any household, Japanese Maples is a deciduous woody plant whose leaves show autumnal colours from reds, crimsons, oranges and yellows. Place it in a position where it will experience full sun in winter but move to a shaded position in summer. Japanese Maples really don’t like hot and dry conditions so, in warmer weather, you’ll need to water regularly and on very hot days, place it in a darker corner of your home.

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