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Let’s take a wander through the final remaining Bianco apartment in Brighton - shall we?

Market insights 2 weeks ago Read time: 4 minutes

Nestled at the heart of Bay Street Brighton sits one of Cera Stribley’s most elegant creations - Bianco. At first glance, the highly detailed facade is striking in every sense of the word; inspired by the grid network of the streets of Brighton, it embodies a sense of refinement with its controlled sense of symmetry. If you’ve been considering downsizing for a while now, and your hesitation lay with the potential downgrade in quality of life, rest assured that coming home to Bianco Brighton is anything but a downgrade. 

Not to judge a book by its cover, you delve deeper into the facade and are pleased to find the intelligent architecture goes beyond what is typically expected of standard apartment developments. Hidden beneath the surface is a clever network of sustainable offerings. Designed to benefit both Mother Nature and residents, Bianco offers solar power for reduced bills, double-glazed windows for increased insulation and added natural lighting, as well as rainwater harvesting technologies. Luxury living with a reduced environmental footprint is truly appealing and Bianco is certainly more than a typical apartment. 

Your arrival experience continues through the front door and into the immaculately appointed foyer. Marked by the organic contours and natural finishes, the foyer features a column of natural light cascading through the twin light wells that illuminate the area, while the ambient lighting accentuates the Terrazzo flooring and curved timber panelling. You feel a conscious invitation to explore further.

“The interior responds to the architectural design concept of rectilinear lines and grid like pattern using square form and linear details interrupted with organic interventions inspired by the ebb and flow on the ocean. The key theme is driven by the proximity to the beach, embracing light, inviting in the sea breeze and bringing the Brighton sunshine into the apartments. The design concept is intended to create distinctly modern yet timeless interiors.”

Domenic Cerantonio, Managing Principal Cera Stribley

Walking into the only remaining apartment, a private, three bedroom, groundfloor residence, you notice that Bianco Brighton beautifully personalities the ebb and flow between living spaces - the built space encourages you to wander around. Similar to what you’re used to in a larger-scale house in the suburbs, the generous floor plan offers spacious open-plan, light-filled spaces. Designed with both form and functionality in mind, sandy-blond, engineered timber and Terrazzo stone tiles offer a sense of calm that only heightens your mood. 

“Many of the apartment boast large, plant filled terraces the open up towards the west and north. These outdoor spaces become extensions of the living area and celebrate Australian living. Internally, finishes are authentic and earthy with a touch of glam striking a balance between reflectvity and warmth. Tactile finishes create intrigue and add another layer of connection to the organic materials associated with the beach.”

Domenic Cerantonio, Managing Principal Cera Stribley

The kitchen mirrors the facade - bringing the outside in through its design principles. Clean, linear elements create a sense of height and grandeur you were not expecting from an inner-city apartment. Throughout the spaces, you notice the occasional circular fixture that creates intrigue and softens the dominant lines. 

The living space and master bedroom are perimetered by large glass sliding doors to invite natural lighting into the core of your potential new home, adding life and movement to the structure. Inspired by the contrasting harmony of natural and built environments, your sizable living area spills onto a private entertainers’ terrace that wraps around the home for an enviable indoor-outdoor lifestyle. There’s ample room here to host both friends and family - but it’s also private and relaxed enough for quiet rejuvenation after a long day. A backyard without the maintenance isn’t something you might have considered a possibility when you started your journey. 

As you leave, you realise that downsizing doesn’t have to come at the cost of downgrading. Bianco offers everything and more - an upgrade to your current lifestyle. For more information on Bianco, Brighton click here.